Speaking of Prayers…

Sometimes I am impatient. This is especially true in my prayer life. I forget that God does things in his time. But I live in a world where fast food, microwaves, and the convenience of cell phones and the internet makes everything easily and quickly available. Want a loan? Go online and get quickly approved. Need an answer? Operators are waiting online for your call! Who knew convenience would make it difficult for me to remember to wait on God’s answer?

But, Jesus prayed in the Garden 3 times the night before his crucifixion asking the cup be taken from him. But he knew it had to happen for our sake. He relinquished to God’s will. My take away here is that sometimes the answer is not what I want it to be. I just need to remember that God’s plan is perfect and I need to be receptive to his plan. I’ve been told often to pray about certain things. I don’t have a problem praying. It’s waiting for the answers that is so hard for me.

Yeah, I know. I’m still a work in progress.

In Faith,

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