A Look At Leadership

I’ve been going through a study on Leadership using the YouVersion App, which is a Bible study. I think it’s interesting that in many organizations, including big businesses and hierarchy structured groups, a leader doesn’t fraternize with their subordinates. But as I study the Bible I see a different model for a leader.

Let’s take a look at the leadership of Jesus. Did he separate himself from his team? We’re talking the apostles here. Certainly not, he came not only to lead, but to teach, and what better way to do that than be with them as a model for them to learn from. Imagine sitting at a table with him just soaking in the wisdom he shared through parables. Or on the seashore after he instructed you to put your nets on the other side of the boat and you just hauled in the biggest load of fish that should have ripped your nets apart.

Can you imagine watching him heal the sick? What miracles they got to see because he was with them! By the time his ministry on earth was ending, after only 3 years, he had prepared them well to carry on. They didn’t understand it, because when many thought of a savior, they were expecting a mighty warrior to come in and defeat the wicked. That’s not how God thought when he sent Jesus to redeem us.

What can we learn from this model? I understand the power issues involved with leadership, but what better way to lead your team than to be right there beside them. Never asking them to do something that you yourself have not done. Spending time with them, praying for them and getting to know their hearts. That’s the kind of leader I want to be.

I’m not saying I’m like Jesus, although that’s what we should all be striving toward, right? Our praise team is an awesome group of people and we encourage each other. I just pray that we all grow through our ministry.

In Faith,


4 Replies to “A Look At Leadership”

  1. Regarding your entry there on Jesus and on leaders. Surely a good leader does not totally separate himself or herself from followers . In todays world, with what’s happening, it’s not separation that’s imoportant but it is connectedness. Jesus didtn’t separate from His followers, but He was with all his followers. Like His apostles . I am no expert, so I have no answers on that topic, I just know what I believe, and what is my own opinion. To me, it is not correct to be a leader like the Pope, as he is completely isolated from the people in his Church. He lives in a castle set aside from the people. Jesus didn’t live in a castle. Same thing goes for most of the Cardinals or Bishops.. they aren’t really ‘with’ the people . A leader needs to be a leader but not totally disconnected like the Pope is.

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    1. Yes! I understand why people think leaders should be above their subordinates, but I really believe it could be so much more productive to have a relationship with them.


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