Friends Can Come From Places We’d Never Expect

Do you have the same friends you’ve always had or do you tend to add new people into your world? It’s funny how people tend to wind in out out of our lives. People we knew as children and throughout our school days may not be in our lives every day. But if we run into them after many years, we can quickly rekindle the memories. However, the relationship may not be the same. We’re in a different place in life. We have families, new interests, all kinds of things in our lives just don’t make our paths cross any more.

But how about the people that you may have known vaguely in the past who all of a sudden become a part of your world? I’ve had a few of those kinds of friendships over the past couple of years that have grown out of common interests. About a year and a half ago, I ran across someone I’d known through other people in my life. I don’t know that we’d even spoken at all. But when we ran across him at a local concert, my husband talked to him and I twisted his arm into giving me some bass lessons. He’s become a good friend and this evening I was so happy to see him be honored by the Southeastern Indiana Musicians Hall of Fame as an inductee.

He’s been involved in music for over 30 years now and it was great to see him be recognized for the achievements in his passion. I’m just thankful for the door he’s helped to open for me into this new world that I intend to enjoy for whatever years I have left on this earth. Congrats to you Russell Griffith and thanks for sharing your love of music with me!

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