Oh, I Get It!

Have you ever been praying for something for awhile? For weeks or maybe even months or years? I’ve been doing that for a good while now. And today it hit me and I thought, “oh, I get it!”

God doesn’t mind us asking for things. In fact, he wants us to ask for things. But sometimes the answer is wait, not yet. I get that. But sometimes I think it’s more about being content in the here and now.

I believe that’s where I’m supposed to be right now. For several months our praise band has been without a guitarist. Despite affirmation that the band sounds good with the trio we have, I’ve still been bent on filling our void instead of trusting that God has a plan.

I think God’s telling me to be content with where we are right now. To focus on where we are and how we can “play skillfully”. When the time is right, God will provide what we need.

Sometimes I amaze myself with how hard headed I can be. Should you be feeling content with what you have right now? Are you in a place that you need to concede to God that you’ll wait for his perfect timing? My prayers will take on a new feel as I am satisfied with what God has willed to be.

Thank you, Lord, for opening my eyes to your wisdom and teaching me to wait on you.

In Faith,


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