Are You In A Desert?

“Therefore I led them out of Egypt and brought them into the wilderness.” -Ezekiel 20:10 NIV

We wander in the desert sometimes, just like when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. They saw God perform one miracle after another, but 40 years is a long time to wander. It’s understandable that they had times of doubt, but to go against the laws of God in such blatant ways seems extreme. I mean worshipping other gods seemed to be something they turned to time after time.

One would think that to actually hear God talk to them would cause them to remember his presence. I think that would certainly be something I would never forget. But we all go through times in our lives where we may feel that God is distant to us. It doesn’t seem like he’s anywhere near us.

So, what’s the solution? Speak to him through prayer. He’s still there, waiting for you to call out to him! He wants to come to you. He knows what you need and he’s standing by, just waiting to hear you call out to him. God loves us more than we can grasp. Think how much you love your family. I can remember when my children were born. I thought my heart would burst, I was so full of love for them. Multiply that by a thousand times and that might be closer to how much God loves us!

Why do we forget what he’s done for us? If we aren’t in his Word and praying to him daily, we tend to forget that he’s there. That’s not the way he wants us to live! Think of God as your best friend. Someone you talk to several times every day. Yes, he knows what you’re going through, but he wants to hear it from you. He wants conversation with you. We can’t just talk, we have to listen, too. He wants us to hear what he has to say.

Don’t forget his laws. Read the Bible daily to always keep them on your heart. This will keep you from straying so far away from him. No matter the circumstances, he’s there. Trust him and have faith that he will deliver you through the deserts of your life. Those times make us stronger and allow us to grow in our relationship with him. We have endured experiences that will allow us to help others through similar trials. We are part of the body of Christ and as such must help one another.

Follow the Good Shepherd…

In Faith,


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