Reflections of 2019

Reflections – looking at times gone by and the lessons learned and growth we’ve experienced. Image by Patricia Alexandre from Pixabay

As I think back over this past year, 2019, I have so many things to be thankful for. It’s been a year of honors, challenges, growth, and change. I couldn’t have expected the way my life has taken a sudden turn.

As January, 2019 began, I was heading into my last semester as a teacher. After teaching for 36 years, it was finally time to retire and enjoy some much deserved time of leisure. At least, I thought it was going to be leisurely!

In April, I was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame at the high school I attended. I was inducted with the first class of women athletes. It was such an honor to be joining many of my teammates and a couple of coaches that were also inducted. Lots of good memories and friends I hadn’t seen since graduation in 1977.

My retirement from the school corporation was in May and again, I was honored by my colleagues, administration, and school board. A retirement party and being honored by the board was followed by The Middle School Educator of the Year recognition by the American Legion of Vevay, Indiana. So, in June, we went to Indianapolis for the ceremony. I had already won the district award, but in Indy, I also received the state award. I was so humbled by the honors bestowed on me and so thankful for those who wrote letters of recommendation for the awards and supported me!

With more time on my hands, many people were concerned that I would be bored. But, to be honest, I needed a break from work so I could concentrate on my passion. I’d been playing in our praise band at church for several years, but had been leading worship for several months after losing our worship leader because of a change in jobs. This was not something I’d ever thought about doing before, but somebody needed to step up and somehow it fell into my lap. I felt so inadequate for the job, but with a great team who was willing to do whatever it took, we were able to muddle through. God was faithful in helping me prepare for each week and even though I was so out of my comfort zone. The church leadership was very encouraging throughout the past few months and that helped a lot, too.

We’ve been praying for new band members to fill out a few empty spots, and low and behold, God has blessed us with a guitarist! We desperately needed one and he’s been an awesome addition and has been leading worship as well. Our praise team continues to stretch our wings and grow in new ways. I am so blessed. And so busy!

What does 2020 have in store for me? I don’t know, but I trust God and the plan he has for my future, so, no worries! Big things for the band on the horizon and the church as a whole. We are headed into 2020 with big goals for reaching out to the community and bringing in the harvest for God. 2020 is going to be a great year! Hoping it is for you and your family as well.

In Faith,


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