We Take God’s Forgiveness For Granted

How can God forgive our sins against his laws without compromising His righteousness? (Image by Vickie McCarty from Pixabay)

When we forgive each other, we do so as one sinner forgiving another. But when God forgives us, it’s different. We deserve a much different outcome, punishment by a just and righteous God. Why don’t we get what we deserve? Because Jesus Christ, who was crucified to cover our sins has paid the price for us. How can we take that lightly?

In my reading this morning, I ran across this passage written by Bob Kauflin.

“When we sin against God, and all sin is against God, we aren’t sinning against someone like us. God is perfect. He is all-good, all-powerful, sovereign, and holy. And with each sin, we raise our fists in defiance against him. We assert our authority over his. Because God is holy and just, he must punish sin. He can’t simply ‘sweep things under the rug’ or ‘forgive and forget.’ The entire Bible reveals God’s unflinching commitment to the glory and honor of his name. We make a mockery of it when we sin.

For that reason, we need to be saved from God’s justice. We need to be protected from his fierce jealousy for his supreme and unique glory.”

Worship Matters, p71, Bob Kauflin

WOW! This gives us a perspective that we may have never considered. We know that God loves us and that he will forgive us. But do we consider how significant are the sins that God forgives? We may never have to forgive someone for slandering us like we do God. He is perfect, and just. But what’s required to receive this forgiveness? Without Jesus to step up for us, we would get the punishment we truly deserve. So accepting Jesus as your Savior becomes so relevant to us today.

We will all face God on judgment day. Do you want to do it with or without Jesus at your side? I choose with!

The is the gospel. This is the means by which we can now worship God. A fresh view of the One we worship and how he is able to forgive us the way He does.

In Faith,


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