Let’s Pray Bigger, Bolder Prayers in 2020

“And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.” -Hebrews 11:6

Think about the prayers you’ve prayed in the past week. Are they the same old prayers you pray every day? Do you feel your prayer life becoming stale? Well, I’m going to challenge you to become bigger and bolder in your prayer life in 2020! Instead of praying that God keep you and your loved ones safe and happy today, step outside the box and pray a prayer that will make a difference to the world!

My prayer life was in that same stale, rote, unimaginative place at one time. But I’ve learned that praying for things that will only affect me and my loved ones is just too – safe. If God answered every prayer you prayed last week, would it make a difference to the world? Would it shake things up and bring glory to God? Be honest!

What if we prayed that God would help us see what it is that he wanted us to do that would grow his kingdom? What can I do in my little corner of the world? God may put it on your heart to actually go out of your comfort zone. His answer to this prayer may not be for the meek. It’s difficult for us to pray for things that we don’t feel comfortable with.

But, we pray to the mighty God of the universe, creator of all we see, and all we can come up with is keep people safe and healthy? What if we prayed for what God did in us instead of for us! What if we gave up control of our lives and handed them completely to God. Scary, I know, but if we truly want to make a difference for the kingdom, it needs to be something beyond what we can imagine. We need the power and wisdom of a great and mighty God to show us the path we should take and to make a change in our heart. Changes that will lead us into a faith that is bigger and bolder. A faith that is beyond what we can comprehend can make an impact on our world that we can only dream of.

Can we stop world hunger, put an end to human trafficking, turn around the decline of the world, cause a return to God in the hearts of all people? How would God use you or me to cause any of those to happen? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to step out and pray big in this year because I think this is the year we return to God. I see people deciding that their lives lack meaning without God in their lives. Many of them are at that point now, but they have no clue where to turn. They are searching in all the wrong places to find what or who will fill that void they feel in their souls. Can we show them the way? I believe we can with God showing us the way!

Be bolder this year!

I’d love to hear what bold prayers you are praying for in 2020!

In Faith,


If you want a place to start, here’s a link to our sermons.

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