Fill Your Soul With Music!

As I sat down to work at the computer this morning, I turned on the radio to my favorite Comtemporary Christian station. Holy Water by We The Kingdom came on. I’ve heard this song before. It has a really catchy beat and all, but today, it just hit me as I listened to the words:

God, I’m on my knees again God, I’m begging please again I need You Oh, I need You

Walking down this desert road Water for my thirsty soul I need You Oh, I need You ….

I just thought the words were perfect for how I’ve felt lately. Even though the quarantining is getting kind of old, I still have faith that God is going to work everything out. He knows what he’s doing and I just continue to pray and keep him in my heart. The end of this will come when he’s ready for it to end, but not before. We will see people returning to church and bending their knees to praise Jesus…

Praising you today and every day, Lord.

If Faith,


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