Jesus’ Letters To The Church|Revelation 2&3|Pt 3

In Chapter 2, verses 18-29 we find the letter to the Church of Thyatira. A city in Macedonia, this probably covers the church era of 590-1517 A.D..

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

We hear first, of the church’s good works, love, faith, service and perseverance. He commended them for doing more than they did at first.

But, here it comes, condemnation from Jesus! They have accepted Jezebel and her ways leading his people into sexual immorality and eating foods that have been sacrificed to idols. She is unwilling to change her ways, but Jesus reminds them that her searches the hearts and minds, and will repay each according to their deeds. To those who overcome until the end, he gives authority over the nations.

This time period is considered the Dark Age of the church. What began as mixing pagan customs with the church in Pergamum has continued through the years.

Thyatira comes from two words meaning “sacrifice” and “continual”. It seems that many of the customs of the Old Testament were held onto, not fully embracing the teachings in the New Testament. I’m not going to get into bashing any church here, that’s not my reason for doing this study. However, I would encourage you to study this deeper if you are interested. There are some pretty strong images in the judgment that will come against the church if they don’t change their ways. See verses 22-23.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the church in Sardis. Until then, continue to look into what we’ve studied so far!

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