Share Your Light

Share your light with the world as you walk among the world, not from a distance where they can barely see you. Image by dawnydawny from Pixabay.

I am so thankful for the sermons that have been available online from our church. It was certainly a blessing. I know many are still feeling apprehensive about returning to the church, and I totally respect that. Return when you feel the time is right. But, as for me, I listened to today’s sermon twice, once at church and then again this afternoon. Maybe, I just don’t know how to worship in front of a TV or computer, but the two just don’t compare.

I sometimes find my mind preoccupied with the busyness of the world, but I was able to push it all aside this morning and lose myself as we opened with a few worship songs. Trayton Griffith has been such a beacon of light in my life since I taught him in 7th grade. He now leads our worship and you can feel his compassion as he leads or as you talk to him. Our church is just so blessed to have him serving with us!

As we sang this morning, “You understand me. Help me reach the faith that’s underneath, you understand me, God”, I was able to let go and reach for it! Blessed to feel the presence of God more so than normal this morning.

This won’t be my normal blog post where I tell you what our pastor said. You can watch it here and you can refer to Philippians 2:12-16 for the scripture passage. I’m going to tell you what my take away was from this message provided by our pastor, Jon Porter. Such a great message that hit me right where I needed it to this morning.

I’ve believed in God most of my life, baptized at the age of 16. But I feel like I’ve only recently begun to tap the tip of the iceberg . At 61 years old, I’ve lived my life trying to set an example to students in my classroom and others that touched my life. I haven’t been perfect by any means. But today’s sermon made me realize that I can make a difference, one person at a time.

But before I can share the gospel with others, I have to focus on my relationship with Jesus. It may seem selfish, but as in Jon’s example of putting on your oxygen mask first, you will be in a position to help others.

As disciples of the gospel, we can have an incredible impact on society. Listen to the sermon for Jon’s domino story! It’s a great example of how one person can affect many!

Sow the seeds! It’s not your responsibility for where they land and don’t be choosy where you spread them. You never know who will grab onto the seed and not let go!

When you live your life with grace and peace, knowing that Jesus has you in his hand, others will see that and gravitate toward you. They’ll want what you’ve got!

But when we moan and complain about the state of the world, the politicians, the violence, whatever, that’s what others see. We can’t complain, we know how it ends! God’s got this.

Lean into God and let others see the evidence of God in your life.

Focus on your own salvation. Quit looking at what others are doing. By focusing on what God’s doing in you, others will see your light. Don’t shine your light way up in the sky where others can barely see you. Be among the people, as a beacon to the hope that Jesus gives us!

God must work in us before he can work through us.

We must go to God often to allow him to work in us. Ask him to search you and create in you a new heart.

With great power comes great responsibility (regardless of your circumstances).

Uncle Ben to Peter Parker

We are a light surrounded by darkness. This is exactly where we’re supposed to be. Shine your light in the darkness to help others see the truth.

I love Sunday’s and hearing God’s word! You all have a blessed week!

In Faith,


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