My Mornings

Mornings on my deck with God’s beautiful creations before me.

I love it when the mornings are cool enough to go on our back deck and read the Scriptures for the day or write on my blog. I am surrounded by woods with the birds singing and being buzzed by the hummingbirds who come for their nectar. I like to practice the music for Sunday’s service out there, too. There’s just something soothing about the outdoors. What’s more wonderful than the creations of God?

This beauty reminds me how much God loves me. If he takes care of the birds and animals, he’ll take care of me as well and provide all that I need. The problem is that we often want more than the blessings God gives us. We see what others have and become envious. Why can’t we have the nice home/car/TV (whatever) that so-and-so has? Well, maybe that’s just not in God’s plan right now.

We have to trust that God knows what’s best for us. When we first got married, my husband and I lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment. Our furniture was hand me downs from friends, that had seen better days (the furniture, not the friends). A broken recliner that we had to lean against the wall so the back didn’t fall off of it and a love seat that had a spring sticking up in the middle of it. We didn’t have nice things, but we had what we needed. We were still paying off college debt, both working as teachers/coaches and scrimping to save every penny we could to some day buy our own home. My husband did all of the extra duties at school that he could. He loved working with the students and was a great organizer, so his skills were put to good use. He coached all school year long and part of the summer. I was doing the same in my corporation by coaching all year as well.

We had to plan our time together during those days. Some nights we’d be exhausted especially if we had several games or meets that week. But, thinking of the future is what kept us going. Our lives were perfect in that time and place. God had us where he wanted us. He knew what his plan was for our lives. Oh, sure, there were times when we’d be a little envious of what our friends already had, but they were accomplished teachers who’d already been working for a decade or more.

My dad always used to tell me things would work out. I knew that he had faith that somehow, God would see us through. That’s the outlook on life that I’ve adopted. Not that I don’t get anxious at times. Sometimes I have to remind myself that God has a plan that is much better than what I would have expected. I don’t live a luxurious life, but I’ve got everything I need and am blessed by family and friends who support and love me, a church that has become central in my life because of the people that choose to serve there. God has blessed me much more than I deserve and I am so thankful for his grace and mercy.

Don’t resist God’s hand in your life. He knows what he’s doing. Forget about COVID and all of the fears associated with it. Follow the guidelines, be safe, and know that God’s got this!

In Faith,


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