Asking God For A Sign

It’s a Wednesday, and I’ve still got Sunday’s sermon running through my mind. Some of our pastor’s last words were, “Be honest, take stock in where you put your trust. Is your faith – faith, or is it lip service? Ask God for your sign.”

Okay, I’m going to be honest. When I really want something, I don’t go to God, especially if I think he’s going to say “no”. I pray about so many things, why can’t I do that? Because I want what I want. I know, it’s not how I should be.

So, this week, I’ve asked God to give me a sign about something that I’ve been wanting to do. Something I’ve been asked to be a part of that I’ve worked toward for several years.

My question is, how do I know when I get the sign? I feel like God has already put the answer on my heart, it’s not the answer I would have hoped for. But I’m feeling strongly that I have priorities that take precedence over this. But, I’m not the only person involved. Others are depending on me.

God’s leading here is unmistakable. I can’t deny the feeling that I’m supposed walk away from an opportunity to play bass guitar in a band. I love the people in the band and I’ve worked really hard to learn a new genre of music, but I am learning music for worship on an instrument that I’m not that familiar. I’m playing acoustic at church and the skill set is a bit different and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do both. The opportunity I’ve been given to lead at church takes precedence and it always has.

I know that God’s plan is best and I’m at peace with it. Now I can put all of my energy where it needs to be, letting God lead me into the worship leader he wants me to be. He’s given me my sign and I will gladly follow it.

So, what’s your sign from God?

In Faith,


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