Worship In Spirit And Truth

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I’ve often heard that we should worship God in Spirit and in Truth, but what does that mean? This is something that I really wanted to understand, so with some intentionality, I’ve done some digging to help me get a grasp on it. I actually think I’ve been making it a lot more difficult than it is. Maybe this will help you, too.

I think it helps to understand that worship is how we express our love for God. And it makes sense to me that because God is Spirit the best way to communicate with him is on a spiritual level. So that requires us to grow close to God, because I can’t figure out how else to worship in Spirit unless I am able to connect in that fashion.

Worshiping God in truth is to worship Him according to the truths we find in HIs Word. We find these truths throughout both the Old and New Testaments. To know these truths, we must read our Bibles and study the meaning of the scriptures.

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We can worship God in many different ways and Sunday during church is not the only time we should worship him. Our daily lives should reflect God and his goodness. When I read my Bible, I find myself reliving the stories I heard as a child in Sunday school. I conjure a picture in my mind of the woman at the well, Moses parting the Red Sea, and Mary sitting listening attentively to Jesus while Martha was working away in the kitchen. (I always wanted to be Mary. Can you imagine what it would be like to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear him share parables and teach about God?)

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Singing, playing instruments, lifting our hands, clapping, shouting, dancing, bowing down, and standing are ways that we may worship either during a church service, gospel sing, worship night, or our own personal worship time in the privacy of our home. We worship God when we give as an offering at church or give to missionaries, food pantries, or support others financially or by loving on others.

God wants us to live out our live for him on a daily basis. We worship him when we are thankful through prayer or other ways that we may express it. Sharing with others is a way to take care of those that he brings into our lives.

When we are truly worshiping God with out hearts we are surrendering our lives to him. Have you made that commitment? It’s not easy to give up the control over your life that you think you have, but I’m telling you, he’s got a better plan than the one you have. Let him show you what that is and see that it’s bigger than anything you could imagine!

  • What’s God doing in your life?
  • Can you hear him speaking to you?
  • You must have some quiet time to focus on his message to you. He may not speak to each of us in the same way, but if you pay attention you’ll notice what he’s putting on your heart. It may be to reach out to someone in your community or take someone under your wing to help them learn more about God. Whatever he is telling you to do, listen, do it and see what happens!

In Faith,


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