Gifts? What Gifts?

I ran across a devotional this morning that brought to light how many people think if God gives them a gift of the Spirit, it’s a talent completely developed. That it’s neatly labeled, and tied with a shining red ribbon. If they don’t, then they proclaim, they aren’t “my gifts.”

It’s like the man that was given one talent in Matthew 25. We bury the talent instead of growing it. Will God be happy with the way we’ve squandered the gifts that were meant to bless his Kingdom? I’m not saying it’ll be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is. We learn and grow as we draw close to God by reading scripture and praying to him. He will guide our steps if we’ll let him.

There was a time when I couldn’t picture myself playing or singing in front of anyone, let alone a congregation. I don’t say this to brag, I say it to encourage others to follow what God puts on your heart. That is how this walk started. And I didn’t even know at the beginning that I was doing it for God. Sitting in a parking lot in front of a music store it popped in my head that I’d like to learn to play guitar. The store was closed, so I went toward it and just looked at the instruments hanging in the window. The owner came out and invited me in. I left the store that evening with a guitar and my first lesson scheduled for the following week.

How’d that go? I fizzled out after a few years and never got very good, but the foundation was there. But when our band was struggling and we were down to one person, God put it on my heart to reach out and help however I could. That’s when I learned how to play the bass guitar.

At first, I couldn’t play and sing, so I just played, and I grew. When I had learned all I could on my own, God brought someone in my path that agreed to give me bass lessons. He taught me music theory and how to improve my skills. Fast forward to today…God has given me an opportunity to lead worship in my local church. I’ve had to learn how to play the acoustic, sing at the same time, and how to lead people in worship. God’s not done with me yet. I’m still growing…I was in my fifties when I bought that first guitar. It’s never too late. When God places a call on your life it’s irrevocable. Don’t hesitate because you think you’re too old or too young. With God you can do anything!

In Faith,


2 Replies to “Gifts? What Gifts?”

  1. The most awesome thing to remember about a gift from God is that lifetime instructions are always available!

    God never gives us a gift without instructions, all He needs from us is our willingness to learn from Him❣️

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