Sometimes we have a hard time realizing what talents the Holy Spirit has gifted us with. I think that’s because we don’t see ourselves as others see us.

I have a friend like this. Her eyesight is compromised because she suffers from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. It’s a rare disorder that affects the skin and in rare instances affects vision when it settles in the eyes. In extreme cases, it can cause eye dryness, light sensitivity and blindness. Her case is unfortunately, extreme. She has been suffering from it for over 10 years. Medication to treat it is rare and expensive. She has to have special drops made from the plasma in her blood because she’s allergic to the common drops used.

But this blog post is not about Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. It’s about my friend and her gifts. She has a photographic memory which is good, because she has several different types of eyedrops that she uses throughout the day. Certain ones she takes at one time and others at different times. It’s difficult for her to write things down because she can only read it if she writes it pretty large.

I am in awe at the clarity she remembers things. She can tell her doctor when procedures were done and what was said in consultations.

This gift gives her the ability to recall scriptures from studying the Bible from years ago and she always knows the reference by book, chapter, and verse.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that had a stronger faith in God. Despite the length of her ailment, she still has faith that God can restore her sight. Several months ago God put it on my heart that I needed to pray for her. After all, God can perform miracles. Her doctor discovered in an appointment soon after, that she had cataracts on both eyes. She has already had one removed and her vision is somewhat better in that eye. After the second surgery and when that eye is recovered she’ll be able to get corrective lenses. Her sight could be restored!

While at her doctor’s office earlier this week, she was asked to speak to another person who had been diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome earlier this year. This person was having a very difficult time dealing with the symptoms. My friend was able to reassure them and has offered to stay in touch to be there for support when needed.

Sometimes we go through trials because God wants us to be able to help someone else. I know this is true, I’ve seen it in my own life. I think my friend has realized a new gift that God has given her. Her faith has been an important part of staying positive and if she can impart that to others, I think she will have used her talents well.

I haven’t given my friend’s name because she is a very private person. We’ve known each other for several years, but we’ve gotten to know each other much more in the past year. To the average person she just seems shy. She wears sunglasses to protect her eyes from the lights and bright sun. When she’s at church, she sits at the back of the sanctuary. People will sometimes go over and talk to her, but she can’t move around the church to talk to others because she just can’t see that well. This could easily make her feel isolated, but she does know how to use a phone and in that way she’s able to call and check up on friends that she knows could use encouragement.

Why do I tell you about my friend? Because it’s easy to look at others with gifts that are easily shared with others. But, sometimes we don’t realize our own gifts and we can’t grow a gift that we don’t even realize we have. And I don’t think it matters to God how old we are or how young we are. If he puts a calling on your life, it’s for life. It will never be taken away.

When we are given a talent, we have to develop it to it’s full potential. You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run. We can’t run when we’re first born. It’s a process. Don’t be afraid to seek out others to help you grow your talents. Spend time with God to develop a relationship with him. That is key to knowing what he wants you to do.

In Faith,


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