Listen and See What God has for You Today

I’ve taken some time off from writing on this blog because I just needed a break from pouring out to replenish my soul a bit. I’ve still been at church leading worship every Sunday. We’ve had a few guest speakers recently and they did a great job, I just needed my focus to be elsewhere.

With Zoom becoming a big deal during the COVID shut down, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone again. I made a transition from playing bass guitar at church to leading with acoustic and that took some time. I was able to find a teacher online that provided what I needed to fill in some gaps in my skill set on the acoustic and I’m feeling more comfortable with it now. But along with playing acoustic came the responsibility to sing, at first alone, and now with our keyboardist. So thankful for Gretchen! However, I felt like improving my vocal skills was a good idea, so I am now going through the vocal training provided by the

But, I didn’t stop there. Knowing that I had much to learn in leading worship, I found a group on worshipleaderscollective that meets weekly to help worship leaders grow. This group has been such a gift from God! We even have some great guest speakers on a monthly basis. Next week we’ll be hearing from Paul Baloche! When I first found out I’d be leading worship, I scoured the internet and listened to all his videos that I could find. He always has such wisdom to share. Looking forward to that one!

So, you see, even though I haven’t been writing as much, I have been busy. I am reminded today that I am not alone. God is always with me even when I can’t see him. When it seems the darkest, he is there preparing a way for me. I must keep going, because I know the light is near! If I will stay faithful to Him, He will stay faithful to me.

I am reminded of a time when my dad was in ICU for an extended period of time. The doctors and nurses painted a bleak picture and told me not to get my hopes up. They said a step forward one day often meant 2 steps backward the next. But I felt God telling me something different. After 3 months in 3 different hospitals, he finally came home. We had a couple more years to spend with him. I treasured the time we were given and listened to what wisdom he had to share. When it finally came time to say good-bye to him, God let me know that it was time. Even though it was still a sad time, I know that I’ll see him again some day. That gives me such peace.

Do you listen for God to share what he has for you? If not, you should. He doesn’t always speak out loud, sometimes we have to be still and listen for the whisper. While preparing music for our November set lists, I felt a pull toward a song written by Paul Baloche. I’d heard Behold Him before. It was released as a single back in 2019. But, listening to it now, in the time I’m in now, I felt that it had such power. It’s a song reminding us to lean into God. To be still and behold Him, just like it says in Psalm 46:10. You can listen to the song here. Looking forward to sharing it with our church!

I hope that you can find encouragement in today’s post. I think I’ve gotten the rest I needed and will be able to post more frequently in the future.

In Faith,


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