Worried About The Future?

I was listening to a friend talk about the state of the world right now. He asked if we had filled our basement with canned goods for when things get worse.

Conspiracy theories, invasions, financial crises, anxiety. All of these apparently on the horizon for the world we live in if you believe some of the extremists out there.

Now I’m all for being prepared and reasonable. I put my faith in God.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28

There is hope, because I know that God is in control. No matter how bad things seem, he is always with us.

Because I have faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, I can have peace now-during these crazy times we’re living. Yes, there’s evil here in our world, but we’re just visiting. This is not my home. Jesus went to prepare me a place!

There will be those who think this is some science fiction world that I speak about. It will seem impossible for some. But for those who truly believe, you know that what I speak is true.

I just want to remind you that God is real. He has made promises. Jesus made promises to those who believe. We’ve been given a document that tells us how to live. It’s called the Bible and it’s one way that God left for us to learn from him. The other way we communicate is through prayers. He listens to our concerns and if we listen close enough we hear him answer our prayers. It may not be words that we ”hear”, but it might be a feeling we get, something a friend shares with us. God is God. He has many forms of communication at his disposal. He wants us to know him and have a relationship with him.

Okay, I’m off my soap box now!

In Faith,


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