Trust God’s Promises

Why is it that we can’t take God at his word? Time after time in the Bible we see people try to take things into their own hands to make God’s promises happen. When will we realize God doesn’t need our help! He’s God. He can do whatever he pleases.

We’ve been in a sermon series from Genesis about Jacob and his family. They were as dysfunctional as many of our families are today. We try to take control of a situation and make it turn out okay. But, I’ve realized that I haven’t always taken God’s will into account.

One example of this is when Jacob thought he was controlling the number of the herd who were streaked or speckled. Jacob was peeling the bark off of sticks so they were streaked that he put in their water. But, God didn’t need Jacob to do that. God blessed Jacob by directing the offspring to be streaked. It may have looked on the outside that the males of the herd were plain, but Jacob didn’t realize the recessive genes of the males could produce a speckled and spotted offspring.

We have a God that makes the impossible possible. We may think he’s forgotten the promises he made to Moses, Abraham, Isaac, or Noah. But he doesn’t forget his vows. His blessings followed Jacob wherever he went.

Laban, Jacob’s uncle, was as much of a con man as Jacob. Each striving to get what he wanted. Jacob didn’t really accept God as his own, but recognized him as the God of Abraham and Isaac.

Sometimes we get comfortable with life the way it is. We just go with the flow and don’t take into account what God has for us. When you feel like you’re being moved out of your comfort zone that may be God trying to get you back on track with his plan for your life. And don’t expect the plan to stay the same. He may force your hand when you don’t think you’re ready. Trust in him to lead you and provide what you need to succeed. I’m not saying it will always be easy. He doesn’t guarantee an easy path. You will grow through the struggles you face.

Saved people who are comfortable are doing it wrong because they don’t trust that God has something more.

He’s a big god! There is not problem he can’t handle.

Hurt people hurt people. And haven’t we all been hurt in some way? Give grace. Be different. Trust God.

Things get complicated when we trust ourselves more than God.

Whatever you are afraid of today, release it to God and trust him to handle it. He is enough. He knows our intentions. We have his grace.

The battle isn’t ours to win. It’s his!

We don’t deserve heaven. There’s nothing we can do to earn it. Only the sovereign grace of Jesus Christ can provide it.

Trust in nothing more or less than God’s will.

This is my take on the sermon of Jon Porter at Milan Christian Church on 10/30/22. It is based on Genesis 30 and 31.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope that you are encouraged by it.

In Faith,


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