Time With God

Spending time with God is a great way to start or end your day.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with God? May it’s with your morning cup of coffee or on a long walk. It could even be on your drive to work when you have a rather lengthy commute. Whatever works for you is okay, we’re each made differently, by God’s perfect design.

I am not a morning person, but prayer time is best for me when I first get up. Best when the house is quiet and there are no distractions. Turn off your phone, computer, TV, radio so there are no interruptions. I usually have a cup of tea while I read my devotional and Bible study.

I used to grab snippets of time whenever I happened to think of praying, often before I went to bed or at meal time. But I found that to leave me too far from God. A few months ago, I decided to be more assertive in planning my time with God. Instead of being passive and just letting time dictate how much time I spent with him, I am more intentional about planning for this time together.

I have found that it helps me stay grounded in scripture when I’m in the Bible every day. I run across the same scriptures repetitively during a time period and feel like God is talking to me through that scripture. Sometimes I have to ask what God wants me to get out of it. It comes easier sometimes than others.

My point, it doesn’t really matter what you do during that time or even what part of the day you connect with him. The important thing is that you make it a regular commitment. It’s just like spending time with a friend. You both benefit from the time together. God loves to spend time with his children. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll grow through spending time with the Father. By reading his word, you’ll begin to understand more clearly what he wants you to do.

So, how is your favorite way to connect with God?

In Faith,


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