It’s In The Little Things

“But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the king’s food, or with the wine that he drank, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.” – Daniel 1:8

After being taken by king Nebeuchadnezzar, Daniel and the other youth were given the diet of the king. All of the finest meats and wine were part of this diet. I understood that Daniel didn’t want to eat foods that weren’t kosher, because that would go against God’s instructions. One thing I hadn’t considered was that the meat would have probably been sacrificed to the Babylonian gods. Also, eating the king’s food implied fellowship with Babylon’s culture. The decision that Daniel made in requesting the special diet of just vegetables and water may have seemed like a little thing. But he committed to following God’s laws and so he made a big deal over something that seemed like a little thing.

If we think about this in today’s terms, what would be something that seems like a little thing that people have made a big deal about because of their faith in God? Perhaps to remove one word from the pledge of allegiance? Oh, well yeah, since that word is God, that might not seem like a little thing. How about taking prayer out of schools, or not having sporting events on Sundays or Wednesday evenings? Where do we as Christians draw the line?

Your relationship with God has to be a part of every area of your life. You’re not a Christian only on Sunday. We can’t go by a different set of rules the rest of the week. If we are going to be faithful to God we need to be all in.

We must consider that by making this decision, Daniel could have been in great danger. First of all, he rejected the king’s menu which meant rejecting the king. God had given them into the king’s hand. They could have reasoned why should they be obedient to God who had let them down? But Daniel and the others committed to obedience even if God didn’t fulfill their expectations. This was an act of simple obedience.

Daniel acted out of a mindset and heart that was committed to God. He made his request in a calm manner and was never anything but positive and courteous. Making a stand for Jesus Christ doesn’t mean we have to be obnoxious.

Committing your life to Jesus Christ may not be a popular decision. It may cost you friendships and opportunities. It will cost you in some ways. You may be excluded from parties or events because of your beliefs. You may not get a certain job because of you may not be a “team” player. What’s more important, getting ahead here on earth or spending eternity in heaven with your Father?

So, what can we do in today’s world to live with a sense of purpose and allow our faith to grow? Begin by being a part of a church who knows their purpose in the world. commit yourself by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as your Savior. Honor Jesus by taking communion as a reminder of the sacrifice he made for you and for me. Don’t use understanding scripture as an excuse. Follow God no matter what. The devil is always going to be doing his job, so you’d better be sure that you’re doing yours! God honors those who honor Him.

Commitment is the beginning of any partnership. God’s going to do his part. Are you going to do yours? Read your Bible, pray, ask God to help you understand His Word, worship Him and journal so that you can see his answer to your prayers. When you put God first, he sees you’re committed to Him and he will elevate you.

In Faith,


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