Making The Gospel Real

How do we make sense of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins? That’s not something we can just take lightly. There’s more to it than most of us realize. I think we take it for granted.

How would you feel if you gave up your only child to save all the other people in the world? Maybe their body had the antibodies needed to cure a disease that had no cure. (I know, sorry. I didn’t know where this was going when I first started writing, but I can’t go back now.)

But knowing that your child was the only hope, it was what had to be done. People were thankful at first, at least some of them were. Others didn’t believe that your child provided anything to the cure. Still others felt like you owed it to them. They didn’t even say thank you. How would you feel when people went on with their lives and forgot all that you and your child did for them?

Think how God feels when we turn our backs on him because we think we have it all figured out. Our way has to be the right way, because his way just doesn’t make sense to us. Who is He to expect us to bow down to Him? We’ve never even seen him.

I think He must be very sad for us. When we reject the gift of salvation that Jesus offered us by willingly going to the cross and offering himself as the final sacrifice, what are we thinking?!

I have always worried about friends and family members that have never taken the gospel seriously. You know, it’s not about religion. It’s not about being a Christian. It’s about having a relationship with the creator of the universe. Learning about Jesus and all that he wants for us.

We are not of this world. This is not our home. Our eternal home is meant to be in heaven. Jesus went to prepare us a place, he said so. I plead with you to seek out someone to lead you down this path if you haven’t already given yourself to Jesus. Learn about the plan for the last days. We are told, that Jesus will return like a thief in the night and that we should always be prepared.

Are you ready? It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. There’s nothing that can keep you from receiving this gift. You can’t earn it. There is nothing that you can do to make you good enough except to ask forgiveness, and accept Him as your Savior.

There will be those who will refuse and think this is all silly nonsense. But, it’s real! I’ve felt the Holy Spirit in my life. Sometimes I feel it more prominently than others, but I know that God is always with me and it helps me know that everything is going to be okay.

We are told to look for the signs of the times. There are many passages in the Bible that talks about these signs of the times. I’ve studied Revelation and the end times before, but I think now is as good a time as any to brush up on the signs so that I can recognize them. We can’t guess the day or the time, but we can know what to look for in the years leading up to the Glorious Appearing.

Let’s be ready so that none have to be lost!

In Faith,


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