Can Can

Where are you going to put your can?

Can God do anything?

God can do anything.

Same four words. Entirely different meanings. One is a question, the other a statement. Keep this in mind. We’ll come back to it.

We’re in Genesis 6:5-21 this week and God sees that man is wicked. Things on earth are a mess! It says that God regretted that he had made man and his heart was grieved. So God decides he will destroy man and all the animals because he’s sorry that he made them. The world is so wicked that it seems there’s no hope. But then Noah finds favor with God.

The world is falling apart because it is so wicked, yet God finds that Noah is a righteous man, blameless. Noah walked with God. There was a conversation between the two of them. Can you imagine walking with God and he discusses that state of the world with you? Noah was even concerned about the evil that had turned the earth a mess since Adam and Eve’s indiscretion in the Garden of Eden.

But just like Noah, we’ve got a choice to make. Have you noticed that the world today is very much like it was on earth in the time of Noah? Noah could have chosen the same path taken by so many others on earth at that time. But, Noah chose the higher road. He chose to walk with God and discuss the condition of the world. Noah was concerned.

So, do we ask the question, “Can God do anything?” or do we already know the answer? “God can do anything.” Simply by changing the position of the word “can” in the sentence, can totally change the way we see things. Questioning whether God can do anything shows doubt. But when we have a faith strong enough to be confident in declaring the God can do anything, we can walk with God and talk with him.

So God decides he’s going to destroy the earth with a flood, but he finds favor with Noah and his family. He instructs Noah to build an ark and gives him the specifications on how it should be built. It took between 100 and 125 years for the ark to be built. And it was huge! More than 4 football fields long. Now that’s not easy for people to miss. But amid the ridicule for doing such a silly thing, Noah continued to pick up his hammer each day and continue doing what God instructed him to do.

In the world today we see such evil and wickedness. Do we follow the path of faith even during these times? Or do we continue faithfully to do what God asks us to do? Do we share the gospel with others and know that God’s in control? Can we trust that he knows what’s best?

God gives a detailed plan for Noah to follow to build the ark. So Noah was faithful in executing God’s instructions. The covenant with God is to do what he says, follow his instructions and he will save. We can’t say to God, “If you do this, I’ll do that.” It’s not a contract.

But, yes, God gives us instructions and expects us to follow them. Pick up your hammer. He’s God, we’re not!

So, why was Noah so special that God saved him and his family? Noah chose a relationship with God before a covenant was made. He went to God. This is what made Noah righteous and blameless, the fact that he walked with God.

So, where are you going to put your can?

Can our God do the impossible? Yes, He can!

But here’s what is important to realize…too often, we look for God to fix external things, but he is looking to change us on the internal.

We ask God to stop the rain…He tells us to build a boat.

So, we need to make a deliberate choice to follow God and consistently obey. He is doing great things in our midst. Want God to restore, to save, to bless? Then put your can in the proper place and choose God, and only God. Obey His Word, consistently and live it out in humility and grace. Trust. Love. Follow unconditionally.

Building before the rains come. Trusting while it pours.

God can do anything! Make the choice and trust that God knows what you need.

You can hear Jon’s message here and you can join us on Sunday to hear the message in person. 10:30 at Milan Christian Church.

In Faith,


One Reply to “Can Can”

  1. Morning Pam,

    Yes our God can do anything. I do believe it is time for more Christians to rise up and share the message of Christ to this world. So many people are searching for answers, hope and peace.

    And no matter where they go they will not find it for Only Christ can give it to them. I also believe that because so many are hurting I believe they will listen to someone witnessing to them.

    Have a bless day Pam and thanks for sharing this posting.


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