It’s Another Favorite Worship Song!

This song takes me right to the heart of God. I’d heard the song before, but hadn’t ever really tried to play/sing it. But, when I decided to work on it for worship, the words came alive. It begins with the proclamation, “I love You Lord, oh Your mercy never fails me”. Simple yet so sincere. Each line of the lyrics reach out to me in a time when our world is tipsy turvy.

“All my life You have been faithful”, “You have led me through the the fire, In darkest night You are close like no other”. This is the God I know. He’s been running after me, never giving up on me when I may have stepped off the path he had for me. Just wanted to share this one with you tonight.

I am always searching for songs that will resonate with our congregation. Songs that remind them of how much they are loved by the Father and how powerful he is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I plan to share songs here that will more than likely make it onto our play list on Sunday morning. Hoping that you can get familiar with these songs so that we can all worship together.

In Faith,


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