Guarding Our Hearts

“All the world’s a stage… -William Shakespeare (As You Like It)

How can we guard our hearts from the “moral grandstanding” that takes place in today’s society? Our method of communication has been reduced to Facebook posts and tweets on social media. It’s so easy to says things when they are to a faceless, nameless audience of people we may not even know. We throw around digs, insults, and judgements about things we may know nothing, or very little, about.

I hate talking politics, so I avoid it. It’s so easy to take a stand based on one focus of a politician’s agenda and ignore other issues that may be more important to other people. So, let me pose to you this thought in response to today’s sermon.

Let’s not be republican, democrat, or independent. Let’s not be American, European, or Asian. Let’s not be any other label that we can name ourselves, but let’s be the children of God that we are meant to be. Let’s live the way that Jesus modeled for us when he walked this earth.

How can we bring peace and unity to the world by living in any other way? Certainly not by posting how one political party is right over another. Fishing for likes and shares from people who agree with us. Fanning the flames of a fire that only causes division and hatred in our world. Our attitude should be to embrace, edify, encourage all people.

Once enemies on different sides of a battlefield, why can’t we see ourselves as one family, as God’s chosen people, because He chooses us first. We live in a culture of lies, evil, deceit, and manipulation. But, this is not our home. We have an eternal home where we are meant to spend eternity. Our goal should be to share this with as may people as we can. To build others up and not tear them down. Live so that they see what we have and they want it, too!

What does it mean to be a Christian? That we are holier than the next person? Building ourselves up while tearing down those we look down our noses at? Time after time, in the Bible, we see God choose the least of these to follow his command to lead people, to bring the Savior into the world, to spread the message of the Gospel.

We must respect everyone and when they tear us down out of some vile need to show they are better or smarter than us retaliate with kindness. We respect them because that’s what Jesus did.

As believers, we should be full of hope and positivity in the face of a fallen world. People should be picking our brains to try and understand why we are still joyful. And if we aren’t feeling that way it’s time to go back to the basics of our faith and realign our hearts with Jesus, the one who gave his life that we might overcome death.

If you want to read the Scripture today’s sermon was based on, check out 1 Peter 2:9-17; 3:15-17. I may have gotten a little off track from the pastor’s actual words, but this is where my heart went. I hope that I don’t come across as being better than anyone else because I’m a sinner in need of my Savior. I am here to serve in any way I can to share the peace, love, and compassion of a God who loves you and me.

In Faith,


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