God Is Always At Work

This morning was one of those times at church that I could really feel God at work! I plan out our music on a monthly basis, usually. I never know what the sermon is going to be. Even though I had this set planned weeks in advance, I wasn’t sure about the first song. I’d never really learned the proper strum pattern for Mighty To Save. I prayed about it for several days after I watched a tutorial from worshipartistry.com and decided it was beyond my skill set. I could do the pattern, but I was having trouble singing with it. I prayed again, ”God, let me know what I’m supposed to change this song to.”

Crickets. Sometimes the answer is no. This was the song I was supposed to do. I just had to trust that I could get it together by Sunday. He’s never let me down yet!

I knew that Praise You In This Storm was longer than our normal closing song, so I had asked our pastor a few days prior if I should cut it down or was it okay as it was. His answer confirmed that it was fine the way it was.

His sermon topic was Luke 22-25. I looked at the sub topic in my Bible; Jesus Calms the Storm. I know a big smile crossed my face when I saw that. God never ceases to amaze me the way he works all things together! I can’t remember ever having a set list that didn’t have at least one song that connected to the sermon.

The more I learn about the heart of God, the more I want to know. Yesterday I was reading about God’s Grace. Did you know that he offers it to everyone? It’s free. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your life, all you have to do is put your faith in Him. Jesus has already paid the price for your sins. Hell exists. Satan is real. Is that what you want for eternity?

I choose faith. I hope you do, too!

In Faith,


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