Power Or Peace?

Palm Sunday often brings to mind Jesus’ triumphant entry into the city with people shouting out praise and hosannas for their king. They didn’t understand what he’d come to earth to do. They had made him into the king they wanted — a king that would save them from the oppression they were under. A king who would rule with power and carry a mighty sword.

They made Jesus into the king ”they” wanted. But that’s not the kind of king is. He came to bring peace — His peace, one we’d never known. Jesus came to give much more than what they wanted.

We often misunderstand God because we don’t think like he does. He sent Jesus to earth save us from ourselves. We live in a world filled with darkness and Jesus had come to give us an opportunity to live with him in heaven forever.

But in the course of the week, this crowd gathered to praise and worship him had turned their backs on him. The shouts of ”blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord” turned into ”crucify him!” Even his own disciples ran from his presence, Judas even betrayed him to those wanting to crucify him. Peter, the leader of them denied him three times. What a turn of events!

As I listened to our sermon on Sunday, the part that caught my attention was the part about Jesus crying during the parade. He knew what was to come, but they weren’t tears for himself. No, Jesus was crying for the people in the crowd. He knew they didn’t understand what had to happen. They were celebrating a king now, but he had come as a Savior. He was willing to go to a cross for people who’d abandoned him. He cries for us…

  • Worldly power comes when we are first
  • Christ’s power comes when we put others first
  • Worldly power means we are right
  • Christ’s power means we are righteous
  • Christ’s power means we take up His cross
  • Worldly power means we build them

We want power in Christ’s name, but we don’t want his definition of power. We don’t get to choose how God gives us the peace and blessings he brings. He’s God, we’re not. We can’t tell God how to be God!

The story of Palm Sunday places before us two options: Will we live according to the world’s definition of power or… Will we live according to Jesus’ demonstration of power?

Jesus weeps because the people refused his peace. They wanted power, not realizing that true power is only found in Christ’s peace.

Who are you following today?

Who receives your praises? Your Hosannas?

How we understand true power is one of the most significant indicators for living a life of joy, peace, and love.

This sermon is based around the scripture in Luke 19:28-44.

To hear the rest of the story…

See you Sunday at Milan Christian Church in Milan, IN 719 Carr St, Milan. 10:30.

In Faith,


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